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Solenn Heusaff Posted Her Own Style of Twerking!

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Because of the "Twerk it Like Miley" dance craze, a lot of people have posted their own video of twerking in front of the camera. The best part of it is that celebrities made their own dance rendition which gone viral on the internet.

After Maja Salvador and Ella Cruz, another celebrity joins the dance craze and sizzled the netizens on social media. Watch and get ready for this hot trending video.

Solenn Heusaff posted a video on her Instagram account last August 24, 2015 in which she was doing her own style of twerking. The footage was captured on Vancouver, Canada for GMA PinoyTV.

“So yes I joined the twerk craze for a few seconds tapos nahiya lol. Eveyone's doing it
gusto ko lang ma-feel hahaha #‎SosCantTwerk,” Solenn said on her Instagram account together with the video.

She only danced on stage for a few seconds, then gets a bit shy. She said that she only wants to know what is the feeling when you do the twerking. But still she looks very gorgeous and sexy while doing it.

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  1. whoo boring naman yang Twerk na Yan walang Pwet

    1. Buti pa yong scandal ni jason abalos hahaha mas masaya yon

    2. Eto ba yong sinasabi nyong Scandal ni Jason Abalos? -> View Jayson Abalos Scandal Link

    3. Wow Yan nga Dre . na Watch mo na rin ba? eto hint ko sayo bro (Maliit T_T nyan hahaha)




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