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Runaway Princess: Watch Bae Alden's effort just to meet Yaya Dub!

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While Yaya Dub is performing live on Broadway Centrum, Alden is trying to fill the water container which is a deal made by Lola Nidora, in purpose to see his effort and how serious he is about his feelings towards Yaya Dub. 

Image from Eat Bulaga
This is a great chance for the fans to witness and see Yaya Dub and Bae Alden holding each other's arms for the very first time.

Sadly after Alden finishes the negotiation, Yaya Dub ran out off the Broadway because she was cursed by a witch that she's going to be a 'Squash' if she did not get out of the palace on her 20th Birthday. 

Alden made it inside but left baffled while holding Yaya Dub's shoe because she wasn't there. He even tried to catch up but missed her in the end.

The fans are left utterly shocked after watching Eat Bulaga, but maybe this is really not the right time.

Credit: Eat Bulaga


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