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Real or Fake: Find Out Why The Blackest Baby in the World Became Very Popular!

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A baby who people claimed to have darkest skin color have become viral recently and now dubbed as
"blackest baby in the world". This baby was born naturally with black skin. It even has nice, wide, expressive eyes.

Netizens have been gushing over the photo that was released on social media, without being racist. They are just really amazed to see the blackest baby in the world for its very natural skin color.

Image from Rachfeed
Image from Rachfeed
There are plenty of arguments on this case – as usual, a lot of people are screaming “FAKE!” or “Photoshopped”. in which most people said that the photo was fake but there are others who believed that it is for real.

If you were the one who will be asked, is this photo that recently gone viral is Real or Fake?

Source: Rachfeed


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