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Possessed Girl Found in Subway Covered with Blood... But What She Did Next Baffled Everyone!

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Evil entities are always around us everyday, they're just waiting for the right timing to get into you and over power your body. There are lots of reports regarding this kind of incident, you'll be one of these people if you don't have enough faith to God.

Image from Youtube
Watch how this video goes after these two men found a girl lying down on the ground while covered with her own blood, see what happens to her after one of these guys gets even closer.

This video was uploaded by Dolan Chorng, the one who's taking scene. According to him, this was the footage that he took while walking in the subway system of SF with a friend. They've heard someone crying not far away from the aisle.

No one knows what happened to the accused possessed girl, Although this video could be fake, we should be more careful especially when we are alone. Deep prayers could work if you encountered one.


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  1. Creepy... I will always believe in God my father to help me protect people from these kind of incidents.




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