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Politician's Assassination Attack Caught on Tape... What Happens Next Baffled Everyone!

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We may have seen political assassinations in some movies that we've watched, thinking that these kind of scene only shown in some action films and no one could've done this in reality.

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But an incident just so happened when a Bulgarian Political leader dodged death after an assassin pointed a gun on his head while having a speech.

Ahmed Dogan, 58, reacted with lightning speed, surprising his much taller and younger would-be assassin by swatting at the gun, which appeared to jam as the attacker pulled the trigger. Video showed the attacker pulling the trigger at least twice, but the pistol didn’t fire.

Dogan then batted at the weapon and tried to push past his attacker and run, but fell in the process.

The gunman was quickly swarmed by other political delegates, who threw him to the ground and kicked and punched him.

What are your thoughts about this story? do you think this one is a set up just to make a controversy for the politician? Share your minds with us by writing down your thoughts regarding on this incident at the comment section below.

Source: New York Post


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  1. Nice death scene!! Respect to the one who shot the fucking politician HAHAHAH!!!




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