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OMG! He Uses M&Ms for His Wedding Proposal...Most Simple and Unique But Still the Sweetest!

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When it comes to wedding proposals, some people uses different tricks to make their loved one say "YES". Well of course this gimmicks always works especially with a simple yet astounding unique effort.

Just like what this man did for his wedding proposal, this is just as simple as it could get but undeniably sweetest thing ever if you ask me. You should watch and see how he executed this amazing proposal.

How he asked her? here's what the lucky woman said:

"He picked me up from my house on a Friday night, we where supposed to go out to dinner with no specific place in mind. He told me he had to stop at his apartment and shower since he had just got out of work, while at his house I was serving myself a glass of water and discussing potential dinner options."

"He then calls me over to where he was stating that he had got me some M&M’s (my favorite). I asked if they were peanut , he said yes (he lied) I walked over to where he was and the rest is history ! He special ordered M&M’S with our picture on it and the phrases “will you marry me” and “I love you” he placed the ring in the center of the M&M’s  handed me the box and I just had to say YES !!!"

You don't have to spent a lot of money just to have her sweetest answer on your wedding proposal, all you have to do is show some effort and be yourself because that's all the woman wants.



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