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Must Watch: True Love that Ends Tragically... This is Really Heartbreaking!

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What would you do if you are rich and wealthy but you've found out that your daughter fell in love with a simple guy who lives in a small apartment and has no parents? If you don't know what will be your answer, please don't do what this father did to his daughter.

Watch and witness what true love really means in this simple yet heartbreaking video. You'll find yourself crying after seeing this video just like what others did.

The story goes when a rich man's daughter fell in love with an average guy from their school in which she first met on a gang fight. She was rescued by him, not knowing that their love would start with a very heroic scene.

But her father wanted break their relationship because he has so many plans for his daughter. But because of too much frustrations, she ran away from home and went straight to the guy's apartment.

Watch the whole story to find out what will happened next.

What lesson did you learn after watching this tragic true love story? Share it with us!

Credits: MonoGlobalTV


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