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Mexican Drug Lord's House Raided By Authorities...What They Found Out Inside Shocked Everyone!

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After a Mexican drug lord’s little villa was raided, the local authorities said that they cannot believe the sheer volume of excess they've found inside.

The local police said that the money was found hidden inside walls, suitcases, and closets in one of Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods came from the profits from Meth sold in the United States. It was the single largest cash seizure in history.

Everything you see inside the house was as precious as gold. Like a large collection of art works, The wealthy Mexican even has his own exotic animals in which all are very well taken care of. He even have his own man-cave which is made with hot tub.

And you can see that all the money from his illegal business was scattered all over the house. Even a simple briefcase contains over half a million dollars, well what do you think the vault has?

The total confiscated $205.6 Million in US currency. The Mexican law enforcers and DEA worked for a year on this operation.

Source: Wereblog / The Chive


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