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Man Has a Dangerous Condition of Endless Burping, He Was Shocked When he Finds Out Where it Came from!

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Burping or also known as belching is the process of releasing gas from the digestive tract which mainly on esophagus and stomach onto the mouth. Naturally it was done after finishing your meal and having that fulfillment to burp.

But the story of this man is very different as he faced the dangerous condition of endless burping.

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His name his Ron, before his condition began, he lives in a peaceful and easy going life with his wife. But while working on his own business, he started belching out a huge amount of gas and continuously burping until he gets back home.

But gets even more frequent as time goes by until it became the reason of his depression. He was very desperate that he wanted to end his life. His wife started worrying and panicked which leads her on calling 911. But the doctor said that they couldn't do anything about his condition.

After meeting a specialist, he was diagnosed with Generalized anxiety Disorder. Ron's brain and nervous system were hyper sensitive to anything that might cause anxiety. His body releases this anxiety by burping and all of these gets even stronger because of Depression.

After he was prescribed with anti-depressant, 
Once again, Ron now living a peaceful life with his wife by his side.

Credit: Discovery Life


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