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Listen to the Angelic Voice of a Brother & Sister Tandem with their Song Cover of 'TADHANA'

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The sibling relationship is the longest lasting close human relationship in existence, beginning at birth and lasting until death. We know our siblings well before we develop friendships and have partners and they live well beyond our parents.

But what could possibly be more exciting than having a quality time with your brother or sister?

Watch how these siblings tighten their relationship with each other by making song covers of their favorite songs. You will find them very fascinating after listening to their angelic voices.

LR and Rovs Romeroso are not the average siblings we often see on the streets especially when it comes to singing. I must say, these youngsters really has a very good voice quality and they've been using it for quite some time now as a bonding to make their relationship even stronger.
Tadhana (Cover)
Been awhile since i've done a cover with my sister. Haha :)Before school starts, tatadtarin ko na ung pag upload nang mga covers haha. Post muna bago tulog haha :D <3
Posted by LR Romerosa on Friday, August 28, 2015

This is one good example to avoid siblings rivalry which we've been hearing and witnessing all the time.

What kind of activity do you want to do with your siblings? Share us your thoughts on the comment box below!

Credits: LR Romerosa


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