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Inspiring Story of Conjoined Twins Who Has Different Personalities

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There are too many case conditions of conjoined twins, some of them are very unfortunate because they couldn't make it. But some of them luckily survives despite of their difficult condition. One of them catches my attention after reviewing their stories and finding out how inspiring it is.

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Meet Jose Armando and Jose Louis, a 14-year-old conjoined twins who has different personalities.

According to their mother, Armando is more outgoing and more talkative than his twin brother. But when Armando is ill, Louis started talking and never stops.

Jointed on waist, the twin shares on one digestive system, each of them only has one leg and naturally does everything together.

Both are intelligent and hard working, on the video, you can see that they were reviewing for their final exams.

Even with their difficult condition, they have found a way to live normally just like others and pursue their dreams.


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