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How This Woman Grows Fingernails on Her Head After an Asthma Attack Will Make You Feel very Itchy!

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There are kind of illnesses that are making every body think if it really does exist. Just like what happened to a woman after having an Asthma Attack.

A college student named Shanyna had an asthma attack which triggers a battling set of symptoms. She said that it feels like she was burned in a house fire. But despite all the medications, the rashes remains and thr symptoms take a strange new turn.

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While washing her hair, big patches of it started coming out. Hard white spines are growing out of her scalp. She became terrified but her family kept her calm and brought her to the hospital.

The doctors said that they don't know what is her illness because they have never seen anything like it. They even said that they can't do anything about it.

After more than a year without diagnosis, Shanyna has reached her breaking point, she almost commit suicide. Fortunately, her family still hold onto her and gave her more strength and courage.

Luckily, a family member told them that they should go to the Elite Doctors of Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

After arriving at the said hospital, She met a specialist and had her examined. She faced the mystery team, a group of doctors who examines strange illnesses.

What do they've found out? Watch the video below!

Credit: Discovery Life


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