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How this Professor Grows an Ear on His Arm that Connects to the Internet will Surely Amaze You!

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An Australian performing artist and a professor is growing an ear on his arm as part of a new project.

This astonishing man named Stelarc has been working on this project for almost a decade. He had a biopolymer scaffold in the shape of an ear placed under his skin, and in six months his tissue and blood vessels grew around it.

His next step is to grow an ear lobe, and eventually get a microphone and wireless transmitter inserted so the ear can connect to the internet.

Have you been wondering why did he do this? Well here is his answer:
"This ear is not for me, I’ve got two good ears to hear with. This ear is a remote listening device for people in other places. They’ll be able to follow a conversation or hear the sounds of a concert, wherever I am, wherever you are … imagine if I could hear with the ears of someone in New York."

This experiment in which he's been working on blurring the lines between body and machine is another attempt to push the boundaries of human-robotic fusion.

Source: Unilad


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