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Heroic 10-Year-Old Girl Bitten By a Shark..Comes Back to Rescue Her Younger Friend!

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We often see people getting bitten by a shark in movies, But the story of this brave little girl that happened recently is almost the same as what the films delivers to the viewers.

A 10-year-old girl from Florida named Kaley Szarmack was swimming in shallow waters near Jacksonville when she felt the shark bite. She got straight out of the water but her younger friend was unaware there was a shark.

This brave young little girl has been hailed a hero after she waded back into the sea to save her friend from a shark, after she’d already been bitten by the creature.

She got a pretty large wound from the shark, and it took surgeons an hour to treat her.

"She’ll be able to run, jump, swim and surf in not too long of healing time. Going to have a pretty big scar and quite a story to tell though." said by her proud dad.

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Source: Unilad


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