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Heartbreaking Story of this Cute Little Baby that Cannot Be Touched Because of its Rare Disease.

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There are too many heartbreaking stories out there which have touched our hearts, maybe some are not yet published by the authors, but it could really make you cry even just by telling it to your friend.

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Just like the story of this Adorable Baby which cannot be touched, held or even kissed by anyone because of her rare disease.

According to the report of the Daily News, This baby named Kiira Kinkle is tearing her skin after being touched. The California infant has a little-known genetic skin disorder called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, which causes her skin to blister or tear at the slightest touch.

Jason and Kirsti Kinkle of northern California hope an upcoming meeting with medical experts at Stanford University will provide treatment ideas for their daughter suffering a rare genetic skin disorder.

Mother Kirsti Kinkle demonstrates how she picks up her newborn daughter so as not to touch her bare skin —and risk tearing it. The fingers and toes of little Kiira Kinkle are individually bandaged each day by her California parents to prevent the baby from touching her skin.

She can only be picked up by using a blanket to lightly support her back and bottom.


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