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Heartbreaking Story After a Man Finds Out Why this Poor Man is Always in front of His Store!

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Poverty is the reason why we see people living on the streets, begging for food, clothes and money to stay alive. Some were touched by what they see but others just won't believe them, thinking that they're working for a syndicate who takes advantage of these poor people.

But the story of this poor man who constantly sleeps every night outside the store of a business man will surely break your heart, find out why in this video.

In this video, the store owner pushes the roll-up door of his establishment everyday to start taking customers. But unfailingly find a filthy homeless man sleeping in front of his store.

He's been doing cruel things to make him get out of his premises instead of asking the poor homeless guy in a nice way.

Until one day, the poor man didn't showed up. The store owner was really confused because it is the first time that he didn't see the homeless guy.

Days have passed and still has no sign of him. The owner remembered that he has a CCTV camera installed in front of his store and decided to review the footage for the very first time.

The story ended with a question, where is the poor homeless man?

Source: Elite Readers


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