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Heartbreaking Reaction of a Man After Finding Out that his Girlfriend Committed Suicide!

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Why do people commit suicide? Well all I know is that everyone has its own battle that they should be fighting with, and no one could judge anybody because of the scars that they get from it.

Image from Youtube
But the story of this suicidal girlfriend is very different to other suicide incidents. Watch and see what happened after her boyfriend found out what she did to herself.

This video was posted by RandomVids and have garnered more than 3 million views on YouTube from the day that it was posted.

In the video, the girl did this on purpose, with a help of a friend she have managed to make a comeback prank to her boyfriend who's recently making pranks on her. Her friend poured the blood-like liquid on her wrist and let it spill some on the couch and on the floor.

Watch the reaction of her boyfriend and see how he emotionally showed his love to the girl.

Credit: RandomVids


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  1. this is scripted i guess. if i were the guy, i would have check her pulse and perhaps, rushed her to the hospital. just saying :)

  2. I experienced this but it was my sister! I miss you




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