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He Thought That His Itching Body was Infested with Bugs...But his Teeth Really are the Reason of it!

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Sometimes, we might have been itching a little bit because of the bug bites that we've been getting. Scratching a certain part of our body because of these unwanted feeling that we are dealing really does irritates us.

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But the story of this Teacher is undeniably different to other people's irritating problems.

A month of nonstop itching is turning Joe's dream of a new life into a nightmare. Everything that he do really was affected by his problem and his increasingly strange behavior was noticed by his Boss who thinks that he's under the influence of drugs. But he tries telling the truth that he has skin condition which is causing quite a little bit of physical discomfort and promised that it won't affect his teaching.

Joe desperately begins to search for a medical treatment on the web, trying to find cure for his ailment. He was then ended up contacting companies that is selling soaps related to getting rid of scabies. But one of the company representatives told him that they could not help him because the symptoms that he has were not scabies.

After 3 months with no relief and no diagnosis, he's been driven to the break of madness. He even get to the point that he almost committed suicide. But he continues to search to the internet if there were any clue to what is wrong with him and one night, he found one.

He saw through the website about Morgellons Disease, which fits to the symptoms that he had. But it is very similar to Delusional Parasitosis, a mental illness involving false beliefs about an infestation by parasites.

But luckily, a specialist agrees to meet with Joe to discuss his case. The doctor asked him to bring his medical records, including his dental records. Now the doctor has a clue that his condition can be found from his teeth.

After confirming his suspicions, he then told Joe what really is bothering him. Joe is now diagnosed with NCS or Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome. Some patients who had this kind of disease was sent to Mental Institutions because their relatives have decided that they are crazy.

Fortunately, it is curable. Today Joe is in good health living with no trace of the crawling sensation that almost destroyed his life.


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