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Girl Accidentally Sent Her Private Picture to Her Dad... Her Father's Reaction? PRICELESS!

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Some of us are guilty for taking photos privately, others even sent these to their friends and of course their relationship partners. Because, I don't know, maybe for some private purposes?

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But this girl made a really bad mistake after sending her private picture accidentally to her dad. See whats her father's reaction to all of her shenanigans.

Her name is Nyjah Amhari Cousar, she is a college student from Inglewood, California. I think this teenager is now wishing to take back the time after accidentally sending her private picture while taking a bath to her father instead of her boyfriend Dasquan.

After receiving the unacceptable photo, her dad became very furious and started asking her if this is what she's been doing in school. But frantically because of what happened, she asked her dad on how to cancel a text message instead of explaining or apologizing.

But then she said on her twitter account that the picture is for her boyfriend Dasquan and not for her dad. Her story became viral on social media, some people wanted her to be their friend but some just wanna see the controversial picture.


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