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FULL EPISODE: Watch the Twisted Story of "Aldub, Against All Odds"

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Saturday, August 22, 2015 - The day wherein Yaya Dub and Frankie are going to be united as one.

As the wedding started, Alden tries to catch up but the Rogelio bodyguards waylaid by blocking the doors of the building. Alden simply sat down on the floor crying while the sacred ceremony is being processed.

Everyone was shocked after the wedding was pursued, in thought that Alden is going to stop the ritual. But the audience gets even more excited when the authorities came and arrested the pastor. The officer in charge said that the clergyman is a fraud and has been hunted by the authorities because he's facing several criminal cases.

Lola Nidora revealed that all of it was her plan, even her medical condition was faked just to get the money from Frankie which she needs as a redemption for her diary.

Everyone was baffled after the revelation, the viewers was caught up by the scene that was delivered by the actors.

The fans of Aldub had mixed emotions after watching Kalyeserye. But the question still remains, when will this anticipation ends?

Credits: Satsu no Tenshi


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