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Frightening Footage of a Boy who Falls on Midair After Being Dragged by a Kite 60 ft. from the Ground!

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A happy kite festival in Vietnam ended in a horrifying incident when a 5-year-old boy falls on Midair After Being Dragged by a Kite 60 ft. from the Ground!

The 5-year-old boy named Van Minh Dat was said to be attending the event to help his mother sell beverages.

According to Cracker Daily, the boy was only trying to give other people a hand by picking up fallen drinking bottles when his leg suddenly caught up by a string of a huge kite. Because of a very strong wind, he unfortunately dragged by the kite and instantly took him off the ground.

Because the boy soared so high, the people on the event couldn't do anything to take him down.

One of the witnesses which is the one who recorded the incident said that the whole tragedy only took 30 seconds.

The poor kid was rushed to the hospital because he was still breathing after hitting the ground. The doctors did all that they can do but it was too late, he was pronounced dead just after a few moments.

Source: Cracker Daily


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