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Former Korean Model Being Bullied and Called 'Standing Fan' After Her Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong!

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Hang Mioku is a former Korean model who got obsessed in plastic surgery because she can't have the appearance that she's been wanting.

The doctors refused to give her any more silicon in concern with ugly results and a possible mental illness. Because of this, she injected an entire bottle of silicon that she bought from the black market which permanently disfigured her face. She resorted to use cooking oil which made it worse leaving her face swollen and scarred.

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She was featured on a Korean television that made people from their community donated thousands of pounds to pay for corrective surgery.

Surgeon removed 60g of silicon oil and other foreign substances from her face and 200g from her neck during the first 10 surgeries. However, she still has a disfigured face and she wished that she wanted to have her old face back.

She was called "Standing Fan" because of her awfully huge head.

It is not funny to call someone else with rude and hurtful names because of their condition. Instead of bullying them, lets give them consideration.

Source: Daily Mail / TomoNews US


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