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Find the Reason Why this First Ever YouTube Video of Maine 'Yaya Dub' Mendoza Gone Viral Online!

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We all know that Maine Mendoza or also known as Yaya Dub have become one of the top most controversial actresses in today's showbiz industry. Because of her sudden fame together with the ever popular love team of Aldub, the fans are now looking for further information from their personal lives.

And the netizens have found the very first uploaded YouTube video of Maine Mendoza. It is now going viral online, the reason why? Well, you need to watch it for yourself.

In this video, Yaya Dub's hair is still short and netizens claim that this was filmed during her "nene days". The video shows what Maine really is before her big break on Eat Bulaga. She's still the same Yaya dub that we see on our televisions today and the people loved her because of it.

The netizens who have watched the video said that they fell in love even more to Yaya Dub ever than before. Do you get the same feeling just like the other fans? Don't be shy and share it with us!

Source: Cracker Daily


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  1. sa mga naghahanap ng link sa video eto na oh Jason Abalos Scandal

    1. hala bago na namang scandal ng artista?




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