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Ella Cruz Trends Once Again in Social Media Because of Her Newest Dance Cover!

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Ella Cruz bombarded social media sites with her wholesome dance rendition of the trending song Twerk it like Miley by Brandon Beal. She garnered millions of views on YouTube and a lot of praises coming from the netizens who adore her.

Now, The 18-year-old Actress, who was claimed by her fans and followers to be the "Teen Dance Princess," made it again to the top trending topics in social media after posting her dance rendition of the song Dessert with the participation of the Manouvers.

Watch their astounding performance and be amazed by these incredible moves!

Ella Cruz is a Filipina actress from Star Magic and one of the main casts of Bagito in role of Vanessa Bueno. She's now doing a project on TV5 entitled ParangNormal Activity as Charlie.

Credits: Ella Cruz


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