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Ella Cruz and Mich Liggayu's Twerk it Like Miley Dance Showdown!

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Rumors are now making rounds on the internet that Mich Liggayu is going to have her own dance rendition of the famous song "Twerk it Like Miley" for a showdown with Ella Cruz. If this one is true, then we might see a great dance battle between Mich and Ella.

Image from Youtube
Ella recently made the social media gone crazy after showing her wholesome and very sophisticated dance cover of the song Twerk it like Miley. The people even claimed that she's going to be the next Maja Salvador.

The challenges for Ella gets even more crazier after Yaya Dub Jumped into the scene. This one made everyone laugh because its ridiculously obvious that what she only did is make some funny faces in front of the camera, But still she did a great job entertaining the viewers.

Ella Cruz "Twerk it Like Miley" Performance

It is not yet confirmed that Mich Liggayu will be challenging Ella Cruz. But if these rumors are true, which of these beautiful girls are you rooting for? is it Ella or Mich?

Source: Wow Viral


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