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Couple Got Arrested in Cebu After Being Caught Burying a Fetus!

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Abortion is a crime, these little angels don't deserve to be maltreated like this. People nowadays tend to do horrible things because of desperation and having lack of knowledge.

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According to Sunstar, a couple from Cebu City was arrested after allegedly caught by a citizen burying a fetus one Saturday morning. 22-year-old John Rey Obregon and 48-year-old Leticia Rafols was accused by an unidentified woman. This incident occurred at Sitio Pepang, Barangay Tejero last July 25, 2015.

The couple was detained and now facing several charges, It is not yet clear whether the unborn baby was aborted, or was only miscarried. But still they should've given the poor little angel a better grave.

The 3-month-old 
unborn baby was brought to St. Francis Funeral Homes to have a better place to rest in peace.

Killing innocent human being is not the way on solving any of your problems. You need to take the responsibilities and be matured enough to face the consequences of the things that you've done.

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