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Controversial: Real-Life Alien Found at the Surface of the Moon!

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People say that there aren't enough proof that aliens really does exist. But another video on YouTube caught the attention of the Netizens and made 4.4 million views.

Image from JamesBang Files
The video is about an image which shows a human-like figure that has a shadow, based on the uploader wowforreeel.

According to, this image suggest that the presence of a supposed man on the moon surface could trigger an ancient defense mechanism. This maybe due to pareidolia; it is people’s natural tendency to see faces and other human features in otherwise random patterns.

The website also showed other popular examples of pareidolia like in 1976 the Viking Orbiter photographed a rock on Mars that looked like a human face from the exact angle and in 2001 Mars Global Surveyor provided another image of the same rock on Mars.


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  1. FAKE .... please see the light and shadow of the crater .... the light is clearly coming from the south west direction of the image... and also u can see clearly that there r highlights on craters due to the light ... we should have seen similar high light on the person ..or thing casting that shadow .... the photo-shopper clearly needs to study light and shadow

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