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Controversial: Kenzo and Kamille 'Evicted from PBB'?

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People are now asking if the Teen housemates Kenzo Gutierrez and Kamille Filoteo are going to be "eliminated" from the ongoing season of "Pinoy Big Brother."

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Here is the answer:

According to ABS-CBN, On Tuesday's episode of the reality television show, Gutierrez and Filoteo were "voted out" of the competition's "Big Four" by fellow housemates Bailey May and Ylona Garcia.

"We felt so bad, Bailey and I," admitted Garcia. "We didn't want to say the reason why because we didn't really want to hurt their feelings."

The pair's decision did not sit well with Filoteo, an 18-year-old mother. She said: "Alam naman nila sa sarili nila kung sino ang talagang deserving. Alam naman nila kung sino talaga ang dapat manatili pa sa 'Big Four."

For his part, Gutierrez told Garcia: "It sucks that I can't go any further. But I'm happy for you guys and that's enough. Am I content? No. Am I happy? Yes."

 However, the housemates are not aware that it's just a task that is part of a series of challenges from Big Brother in order to test them and allow viewers to make an informed decision on who to vote out of the competition.

The show will hold its fifth eviction night on Wednesday. One of the nominated housemates -- Albay-native Franco Rodriguez, Filoteo, and Garcia-- will be eliminated.

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