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CCTV: Man's Leg Removed by the Doctors After an Escalator Incident

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There are too many controversial news that is coming out from China, one of it is the Escalator incident in which a mother got stuck but had a chance to save her son before she passed away.

According to the report of CCTV News, another horrific escalator accident occurred in China, where a cleaner at a shopping mall in Shanghai had to have the bottom of his left leg amputated after it was stuck in an escalator late Saturday.

Image from CCTV News
The 35-year-old recent amputee, who has been identified as Zhang, was mopping the escalator rails when the tragedy took place. Although the escalator stopped after he got stuck, the injuries were too severe for the doctor to save his leg.

The cause of the accident has been deemed a “misoperation of the escalator,” according to the manager of the shopping mall. However, Zhang says the escalator was still in operation before he managed to press the button himself to stop it. Police are still investigating the case.

A total of three fatal accidents involving escalators were recorded in China last week, spreading feelings of fear, anxiety and outrage over safety protocols in China.

There have been 74 escalator accidents recorded in China during the first half of 2015, leading to 73 deaths and 82 injuries, according to China’s quality control authorities. It also said that among the 2.3 million registered elevators and escalators in China, over 110,000 of them have safety problems.

Source: CCTVNews


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