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CCTV: 67-Year-Old Taxi Driver Mercilessly Killed By 3 Robbers

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We may have seen different kinds of robbery, but a news report from GMA7 caught the attention of the Netizens involving an old taxi driver who was mercilessly robbed and killed by 3 unknown Holdapers.
Image from GMA News Official Facebook Page
According to the report from Unang Balita last Thursday, the victim was identified as Arturo Amascual, he was found dead at the back of his taxi cab and was left in Malate, Manila.

With the help of the Taxi's GPS, the victim was located by his co-taxi driver who was shocked after finding out that he's lifeless.

Watch the full report :

According to the investigation of SOCO Police, they have found some fingerprints at the taxi cab that is possible to be from the suspects. The awful 67-year-old taxi driver's body shows some bruises on his back but it is now under autopsy for further examinations.

Source: GMA News


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