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Awesome Man Proposed to Two Beautiful Girls...The Reason Why will Make You Believe True Love Really Exists!

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Being a single parent is never an easy task, for those people who don't know or haven't been through this situation, taking care of your child is one of the hardest part of a mother especially if you don't have a partner to lean on to.

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But even though these single parents showed courage and strength, still they wanted to have someone who could love them and their children unconditionally with all their hearts, the one who could accept her and her child without any hesitations. Just like what this lucky single mother has in her arms.

Derick, the awesome man who loves her single-mother girlfriend named Jackie planned a very cute proposal but not just to her, he includes her daughter Gianna.

They went on a Gondola ride, thinking that it was a shoot for Jackie's birthday. As they were passing the bridge, Jackie saw some of their relatives and friends, then a banner opened saying, "Will you marry me?".

Derrick asked the daughter first by giving her a necklace. After that he went to Jackie and knelt asking her to be his wife.Everyone cheered on top of their lungs after witnessing their sweetest moment.

Finally, an awesome man showed true love to everyone and proves that love really is unconditional.

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