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Actual Footage on How a Man Brutally Hit his Wife...Luckily, These Heroes Saved the Day!

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Violence against women is pretty much recognized these days. You could end up in jail when the trial court proves that you have done something wrong to them. But what are you going to do if you've witnessed right in front of you a woman gets beaten up by her man?

Just like what happened in this video when 3 men or presumably what we can call heroes after witnessing a man brutally hit his wife at the parking lot, look at what they did to this inconsiderate husband.

A man was seen hitting his wife with a blunt object at the parking lot. Three men witnessed the incident which observes everything before making their move. When they knew that the woman really needs help, they immediately approached the husband and tried to stop him.

After seeing the injuries that was made to this awful lady, they were all shocked so they did this.

What are your thoughts or message to these brave heroes? put it down on the comment section below.

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  1. :shit: pakyo man! lose ur life po! tanq ina ka! ndi kman lanq naawa sa asawa mo!




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