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A Help to a Father Who's Selling All Their Stuff to Pay for his Premature Baby's Hospital Bills

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Seeing your child suffering through all the pain in which he doesn't deserve could really break your heart. Witnessing the struggle of his everyday battle will make you wanna wish to have all their pain just to see them smiling and doing fine.

As a parent, all that we can do is take care of them especially when they were at the hospital. Just like this loving father who would do anything to save his suffering child.

His name is Geoffrey Morrie Uezu, a very kind and loving dad of a 6 month-old premature baby named Nicholas Caiden Uezu who was confined at Perpetual Succor Medical Hospital for about a week now.

According to the doctors, the mother Cyril G. Viray has a small opening on her uterus that is why baby Nicholas was born premature.

Pictures of Baby Nicolas:

Image from Geoffrey Uezu 
Everyday they suffer on bills worth 7,000 - 12,000 pesos which we know that not all of us could afford. Because of the desperation to save their baby's life, they've been selling all their stuff on a large group named Hachi's Buy and Sell to pay for their undeniably large bills.

Screen Shot from Facebook (Hachi's Buy and Sell)
This baby needs help and we are reaching out to those people who has a helping hands and kind heart.

For those people who wanted to donate any amount of money, you can contact the parents of baby Nicholas on this information:

09774029019 - Daddy Geoffrey

BPI Savings Account:
Account Number: 4409 0785 03
Account Name : Cyril G. Viray

Any amount of money could do a lot to save this poor little angel. Thank you for those people who has a kind heart, let's all pray for this baby's recovery.


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