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8 Ways: Most Effective Easy Tips to Remove Dark Shades of your Armpits!

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If you've thrown away all your tank tops and kept on covering your underarms because of it's dark shades, you don't have to stay that way. Because we have here in this article the 8 most effective tips to remove dark shades of your armpits for you to regain your confidence.

Acanthosis nigricans is a brown to black, poorly defined, velvety hyper pigmentation of the skin. It is usually found in body folds, such as the posterior and lateral folds of the neck, the armpits, groin, navel, forehead, and other areas.

Now in this article, you'll learn both home-based and medical ways to restore your underarm confidence and remove those Acanthosis Nigricans from your body.

Here are eight easy and effective ways to remove those dark armpits of yours!

1. Place potato slices and rub it on your underarm for 5-10 minutes every day.

2. Use lemon juice, which is a natural bleacher. Just press the lemon juice on the armpit, then rinse it off.

3. Remove the underarm hair by waxing.

4. Exfoliate with brown sugar and lemon juice.

5. Papaya Scrub which removes dead skin cell.

6. Rub a slice of Cucumber on the dark part of your skin.

7. Baking soda and water and rub it on your skin.

8. Dry up an Orange peel and put it in the blender to create a powder. Then make a paste by mixing it with water.

What are you waiting for? Do it now and give back that inner beauty of yours!



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