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13-Year-Old Girl Jumps Off a Bridge and Died After Being Humiliated by her Father...

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Each and every parent has different styles on how they discipline their children, some tries to be gentle by just talking to them and explains everything that they've done but others uses the power violence. But what this father did to his daughter is really unacceptable, I mean do you really have to humiliate your child publicly just to teach her a lesson? I must say, breaking into someone's feelings is far worse than breaking her bones.

Image from Wereblog
Image from Wereblog
Image from Wereblog
This girl named Izabel Laxamana is a 13-year-old beautiful girl who has a gorgeous long hair died last May 29 after jumping off a highway overpass.

It all started after her father posted a video of her being punished for unknown reason, Izabel then threw herself off the interstate 5 bridge building days after the public humiliation.

Her father Jeff decided to record her punishment after committing continues offense and uploaded it in the internet,

The video shows a pile of black hair lying on the ground while the short-haired girl who's wearing a black shirt stared blankly as she answered slowly to her father's question.

Here's how the conversation goes:

"The consequences of getting messed up? Man, you lost all that beautiful hair, was it worth it?" her dad asked.

She quietly replied "No" while staring at her hair on the ground.

Dad asked once again, "How many times did I warned you?".

She almost inaudibly says "Twice" and her father says "Okay" as if he proved a point.

This cruelty towards his daughter truly is unacceptable, in fact, kids will always have mistakes because it's a part of their nature so they could learn in life.

Source: Wereblog


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  1. not being a one sided person but I notice the point of this conversation, both of them made a mistake not only the father but also the daughter. because if you analyze the situation the father is disciplining his daughter but not in a appropriate way. (He's making her realize her mistake BY humiliating).

    The daughters' mistake is she didn't understand what her father wanted to show. and also the daughter biggest mistake is suicide is never the right answer.

    (believe me her situation is similar from me i can say it by looking from her situation and from his father speech.)

  2. humiliating is not a way to discipline your child, it leads to a problem far worse than the mistake she's made both psychologically and spiritually. these kind of fathers are sick BASTARDS!!!! not only did he let her kill herself but also sent her to hell indirectly. this is the worst thing you could do to your child. i feel sorry for this child




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