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Woman Left Sleeping at the Meadows (Talahiban) After Allegedly Accused of Having Sex!

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People nowadays are getting even more fiercer when it comes of having a sexual intercourse. Some of them couldn't bear to wait for the right time and right place when doing such thing. Well, you know what they say, it is more exciting and thrilling if you're going to do it outside.

Just like what this woman has done, reports said that she'd make out at the meadows while in the influence of alcohol and drugs. The villagers just watched her while she was sleeping, you could even hear the laughs of some bystanders. The authorities had to put a police line just to ensure that the girl will be safe.

When she woke up, it seems like she couldn't remember what happened last night. She was brought to the police station to give her own statement.

This could be a lesson that the woman will never forget and a great show for the bystanders who enjoyed watching it.


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