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Watch: Very Dramatic Moment How these Two Pensioner Barricades a Robber inside a Shop!

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People always thought that if you're old, you won't do much. But these two old man proves that they're wrong. How? What they did is just barricades a robber inside a Shop, that's all.

This started when a thief immediately entered a shop in Salford, Florida to get some loots. But unfortunately for him, a pensioner saw what he was doing and started barricading him inside the shop. This old man took matters in his own hands, even though he knows that the robber is equipped with a deadly knife.

His name is Ron Smith , 78-year-old pensioner and the one who helped him trap the thug is a 72-year-old elder named Robert Anderson. The thief, Liam Redford started to panic as he cannot open the door because of the two old men trapping him inside. He makes an attempt to get out using the back door of the shop but he failed.

Moments after, people have seen the intensity of the scenario and started to help the two elderly. When Redford runs upstairs to look for another way out, the cashier takes her chance to flee. The robber then jumps onto the roof of a van before being tackled to the ground by a group of builders.

Mr.Smith watches to assure that Redford is caught before people started to thank him for what he have done. They might be old, but they have a heart of gold!

Source: Telegraph


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