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Watch: Touching Moment of a Deaf 14-Year-Old Girl that Heard Her Dad's Voice for the First Time

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We struggle to fight for our lives with complete set of a healthy body and in good condition. Still we are lucky, because there are people out there who cannot walk, talk properly, or even see. But despite all of that, they have managed to continue living normally just like the others do. Just like the story of this deaf teenager.

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Maggie Gleason came into the world to be a fighter, she had no choice. Her heart stop twice when she was born that weakened her kidneys and lungs.

She was born without cochleas which makes her deaf from the day of her birth.

There are too much frustrations but the Gleason family never gave up on the dream that one day,Maggie would hear.

But science finally prevailed, an auditory brain stem implant that would actually bypass the ear all together.But sadly there were problems and risks, she could have facial, spinal chord paralysis and brain damage.

But after waiting for 11 years, Maggie is the first teen to have this surgery. A ten hour surgery that took place in November.

A very emotional and touching event for the family when she responded after being asked by his father if she could hear them.

The world is now a better place for this 14-Year-Old Girl who finally have the ability to hear.

Source: Martha T. Wall


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