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Watch: Rare Condition of a Baby who was Born Pregnant With Twin Fetuses

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Having a baby inside your womb for 9 months isn't easy as it looks. Every pregnant mother should take good care of their selves because whatever bad happens to them could cause a great damage to the baby. But the story of this mother and her baby is very different than the others.

Image from GeoBeats News
This incident occurred in Hong Kong where a Newborn baby had something strange in her tummy that the doctors could not explain. At first, the specialists thought that the baby was forming tumors in her body that made them prepare the treatment that was needed to be done that could help her recovery.

But after further analysis,what they have found out is really shocking. The offspring had not only one but twin fetuses inside her stomach in which she was carrying from the day that she was born.

The twins inside her abdomen was already 8-10 weeks and have already developed several body parts. It was developing normally.

Fetus-in-fetu, this is the rare condition that the baby was suffering from. The twins inside her abdomen was supposed to be her siblings as they were triplets. But instead of growing together, she had conceived the other two fetuses.

The fetuses that was detected inside her body was immediately removed to save her life.

Source : GeoBeats News


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