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Watch How This Amazing Cat Saves The Kid From a Serious Damage!

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We often see and hear news or stories about a dog who saves the day, it is very usual. But what we don't see everyday is how cats, their counterpart, saving someone who needs help. We all know that most of the cats are stubborn but this story that you will see is very different.

Image from Youtube
This video was taken via CCTV camera in a place where it seems like the presence of peace can be found, it spotted a little boy enjoying the stroll on his bike . But suddenly, a ferocious dog that is more than the size of the kid appeared on the other side of the car. Moments after, the dog ran and attacked the defenceless little boy.

Luckily, a black cat came to rescue the awful kid attacking the dog with its powerful aggression. The kitty scared the hound who nearly ripped out the flesh of the boy's leg. Thanks to this cat, the damage that had been made to the little boy is not that serious.

Source: The Young Turks


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