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Watch: How Did She Gets an HIV Just By Sharing Manicure Equipment?

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HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus has two types , First is HIV-1 which is extremely dangerous because of the vast majority HIV infection globally. Second is HIV-2 which is less transmittable and largely confined to West Africa.

Most of the people who are positive in HIV are those who made a sexual intercourse with different people and some got theirs from blood transfusion.

But how does this woman became HIV positive just by sharing manicure Equipment ?

The story of a 20-year-old Brazilian woman said that she got her HIV from sharing manicure equipment with her cousin who is later found to be an HIV positive.

According to the a study about HIV, casual contact such as drinking from the same glass or sharing utensils when eating could not be counted as the transmitters of HIV.

Doctors determine that the manicure tools must have been the source of the infection because the woman had none of the usual risk factors for getting the virus.Researchers said that this could reveal a new form of transmission for HIV.

Even though it is not clearly stated by the experts that it is really the cause of how she gets infected, we should be more careful on sharing things especially the tools we used for our hygiene.

Source: Wereblog


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  1. This is misinformation, manicure is not a medium of HIV transmission.. This will lead to wrong feeding of info to the society... this is very alarming




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