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Watch: He Wanted To Have A Better Appearance...Instead, This is The Result That He Gets After The Surgery!

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Contentment is the key of having a happy life. But some people just cannot accept what kind of appearance God gave to them. They undergo different surgeries just to look good and fascinating to others. They took the risk of those painful needles and knives hoping for a successful transformation.

But what happened to this awful guy have changed not only his appearance but his way of living after enduring a painful and life changing surgery.

According to the Investigative Documentary of GMA news, the substance that was injected to this man is not 100% collagen. Dr. Vicente Gil from Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center said that the substance granulates inside of his body which causes the infection that eventually could damage the skin of the victim.

To initiate as a legal action, an Illegal Practice of Medicine was filed at the court to the alleged nurse who have done the surgery.

Credits : GMA News


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