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Watch: Doctor's Unbelievable Medical Mistakes

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Nothing could be even more dangerous than a medical procedure. Luckily, most Doctors and Surgeons are required to master their profession. But let's face it, Nobody's perfect. Just like this video from Rob Dyke in which shows unbelievable mistakes from a medical surgery and procedures.

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The most shocking story that I have watched from this video is about the Mexican girl named Jessica Santillan, who died after an organ transplant operation in which she received the heart and lungs of a patient whose blood type did not match hers.

It is really heart breaking to see people suffering from other people's mistake. It could scar them for life or worse could be the last moment they can see the sunlight. But we all need to move on from the past, let's just hope that these people are now in peace.

Source: Rob Dyke


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