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Watch: Chris Brown's Reaction to the Controversial News About Philippine Arena Issue!

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"Can somebody please tell me what the F*** is going on?" , these are the words came right out of the mouth of the famous International Artist known as Chris Brown after being involved in a legal battle. Last December, Chris Brown canceled the show at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan exactly on new year's eve.

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On his Instagram account, the 26-year-old Artist posted a video which appears to be inside a Hotel room. He was barred from leaving the country followed by the Department of Justice's issuance of lookout bulletin for Chris Brown.

The artist really is confused on what is going on after reading headlines after headlines of the news. As of now, there has been no word yet on whether he was able to leave the country.

A report from TMZ says that Chris managed "to escape the Philippines," but not yet confirmed. He has a scheduled performance on Wednesday evening in Hong Kong.


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