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Watch: 5 Mysterious Videos That No One Could Ever Explain!

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There are strange things that happens everyday, we people are just not aware of it or don't have time to give our attention to it. But if you will open up your eyes, you will see that these things could really disturb someone and could possibly give you nightmares while you sleep.

Image from Youtube
Watch these 5 videos that was compiled into one by a YouTube Channel named True10 and see how these footage became very mysterious that no one even the experts could explain. Can you figure out at least one?

The video that really gave me a heavy goosebumps is the first one (number 5) in which a man with his bike suddenly appeared behind another man who clearly do not have any idea on what is happening on his surrounding. But the most shocking footage for me is the one who has a dog in it. It really made me think how the crap did that happened to that boy? How did he float from mid air?

How about you? what video caught your mind from thinking?

Source: True10


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