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Viral: Watch How This Man Receives Instant Karma!

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How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours. Just like what happens to this man who's riding his motorbike when he suddenly kicked the side of this car.

This short video that was posted and shared by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics gone viral on social media garnering more than a hundred thousand of shares and fifty thousands likes with sixteen thousand comments in different reactions of the netizens who have watched this shocking video.

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At first it was just like a normal peaceful day until this dumbass showed up. We don't know why did he kicked the car, but all we know is that this one don't have enough balance, and enough brain. I mean, who would've done that besides him?

I know it is really stressful while driving on the road, especially when the heavy traffic occurs and motorists around you started annoying you with their unstoppable horns. But please, think before you do something really unexpected like this man just did, He's still lucky though, because it could get worse than that.


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