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Viral: Ella Cruz 'Twerk it Like Miley' Reached 2 Million Views on YouTube for Just 1 Week

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After dominating the Social Media with her exquisite 'Twerk it Like Miley' dance rendition, Ella Cruz is now conquering YouTube after uploading her performance last July 7 2015. Her uploaded video garnered over 2 million views in just 1 week.

Image from Youtube
This video with her choreographer gone viral on Facebook making her fans gone wild because of the wholesomeness of her performance. People are now comparing her with Maja Salvador which made on the top trending topics locally a few weeks before her.

They have the same absolute performance, but different attitude on the dance floor. The two beautiful ladies had a dance showdown together on ASAP last 2014. Now people wanted to repeat the history, but with the song 'Twerk it like Miley'.

If this could be possible, Which are you rooting? Maja or Ella?

Source: Ella Cruz


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