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Very Touching Story of a Dying Premature Baby Who Fought for His Life!

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We have witnessed many miraculous stories about babies and how they struggled to continue their lives. Yet another one is about to be passed when a very strong premature baby fought for his life , prepare your hearts to be touched by this story.

Ward, the baby who was born 3 and a half months premature and weighing only 1.5 lbs is struggling for his life. His mother Lindsey got a chance to hold her in her arms for the very first time.

He stayed in the NICU with all the tubes and wires attached to him for his survival.

Wards condition started to change slowly and patiently. 
He was the new recovered , developed and have grown.

After spending in the NICU for so many days and nights without his mother, 
Ward is now ready to go home.

Ward grow into a Healthy baby just like the others, even doctors
 are amazed by his progress.

Watch the video:

Ward is doing very well now, moving his body and laughing like a normal baby does. His parents are very proud of him because of how he fought the struggle and successfully wins the fight.

What are your thoughts about this very inspiring yet heart-touching story of this brave little boy?
Source: Wereblog


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  1. wooooow :) after how many trials ????? because of god :)

  2. Amazing god know how this mom want to be alive her baby.god is good 😊




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