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They Say That All Drunk Man Has Its Own Angel...Watch How This Lucky Guy Was Saved From a Thief!

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People tend to do things they don't usually do when they were in the presence of alcohol. They say its because the liquor they drink gives them confidence to do things they don't usually do such as dancing on top of the table, hitting chicks with their foul words or even start a fight.

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But if you were drained and had too much of it, expect those people who will grab their chance and do bad things to you.

Just like this scene that was caught on CCTV camera on how this drunk man was saved by his guardian angel.

The man who's wearing a cap looks like a friend of the drunk guy who's sleeping on the side of the street. But as the video continuous to play, you will see that he's trying to reach on the drunk man's pocket and had a bunch of attempts to get his phone and cash.

After a successful robbery, he quickly walked out of the scene thinking that it was a "Mission Accomplished". But the angels have arrived with their motor bikes, Of course it was the police!
They have caught the thief red handed, thanks to the CCTV camera that became the eye of these heroic angels.

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