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They Say He is The Ugliest Man in Uganda, But His True Love Saw His Gorgeous Heart

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Godfrey Baguma, the man who has been called as Sebabi or the ugliest of them all finds true love in his second wife. He is a father of eight children and two of those came from his Ex-wife. After his previous wife cheated on him with another guy, he thought that no one could love him ever again.

But love really moves in mysterious ways after a lovely 30-year-old woman fell in with him for the second time. This lady only sees the gorgeous and kind heart of Godfrey, she set aside the rare medical condition that gave him this distinctive looks. They've got married when he was 47 years old with Kate Namanda in 2013.

Their wedding ceremony occurred in Kyazanga, the Lwengo District of Uganda. Their guests even paid 4,000 Ugandan Shillings ($1.20) just to see the beautiful wedding of these two lovers and witness how they unite as one.

Source: Ugxtra Sam Yiga


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